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  • Where can I purchase VOID Fragrances?
    VOID Fragrances are exclusively sold online through our website ( and direct to consumer - enabling us to be fully transparent with our consumers about our practices and products.
  • How long will VOID Fragrances last on my skin?
    Each of our fragrances undergoes rigorous and extensive wear testing prior to release. Scent life of our fragrances ranges from 5 - 12 hours. This range, however, is largely dependent on your skin type. Our testing highlighted that well-moisturized, soft, exfoliated skin retained scent far better than dry skin.
  • Does VOID Fragrances offer fragrance oils in spray-applicators?
    Put quite simply - no. VOID Fragrances are intentionally bottled in custom-crafted, matte-black, glass roll-on applicators. Not only do these roll-on applicators allow for a controlled, sophisticated application of scent - these applicators heighten the intimate, personal experience you derive.
  • How long can I expect my fragrance to last?
    The average shelf-life of a fragrance oil is 3 - 5 years when kept under the right conditions. Our applicators are intentionally designed matte-black to fend off UV rays from damaging the integrity of the fragrance and prolonging its scent life. That said, the first 12 months in a fragrances life typically captures the most integrity of the original scent.
  • Can I test or sample your products prior to purchase?
    At this time, we do not currently offer samples or 'testers' of our fragrances. VOID Fragrances maintains a lean, sustainable operation and in doing so, wish to minimize our eco-footprint by producing less applicators. We encourage great emphasis on utilizing our scent descriptions, transparency behind our ingredients, consumer product reviews and product highlights in deciding whether or not to 'fill the void' with one of our limited collections.
  • How can I avoid my limited collection fragrance oils from leaking?
    In order to prevent slight leaks of fragrance oils from the roll-on applicator, we recommend keeping your fragrances in a cool environment. The integrity of the scent is maintained and its molecular composition is less likely to be disturbed. Our applicators are designed to be both sophisticated and travel-friendly. Therefore, we understand that keeping your purchase in a cool environment isn't always an option. To that end, we provide a rich, velvet sleeve of superior craft to sheath your limited collection fragrance. This will further protect both your belongings and the scent-life of your fragrance.
  • Why do you produce 'limited collection' fragrances?
    There are several reasons we opt to produce 'limited collection' fragrances. We produce and craft our scents in small, controlled batches to maintain consistency and quality. Further, we firmly believe the notion of exclusivity behind a scent enhances the overall experience of it's use and application. VOID Fragrances was born out of a passion for perfumery and the art of the fragrance to 'fill the void' in peoples lives with the power of scent. We regard 'just selling what sells best' to be complacency. Imbued within the depths of our limited collection fragrances are a story from times past and a story eagerly waiting to be told. Our research and development for new collections that fill further voids is ongoing.
  • Are your products vegan/vegetarian? Do you test on animals?
    At this time, VOID Fragrances has received no formal certifications and makes no assertions that our fragrances are vegan or vegetarian. We do, however, certify a cruelty-free operation and assert that no animals are utilized in the testing of our limited collectons.
  • How do I apply my limited collection?
    Our roll-on applicators are designed for both ease-of-use and to retain control in the application process - a distinct advantage over traditional spray bottles. We recommend applying your fragrance oil to your pulse points for the best results. Additionally, note that fragrance is intensified by warmth - application to the warmer portions of your body will retain a stronger scent. Recommended Pulse Points (from most commonly utilized to least common): 1) Wrists 2) Behind Ears/Neck 3) Collar Bones 4) Elbow Crease
  • Where do you source your ingredients?
    We selectively partner with suppliers that source the highest-quality ingredients and elements available to them. The goal is to utilize organic and naturally-occuring elements, where possible.
  • Where does VOID Fragrances ship to?
    At this time, VOID Fragrances ships exclusively within the United States. We anticipate our distribution channels to open up internationally by the end of 2020.
  • What are your standard shipping timeframes?
    All orders are processed within 1-3 business days. We anticipate 3-10 business days from the date of shipment for delivery of your limited collection fragrance. Our products are bottled, packaged and shipped by hand with the utmost care and consideration. Quality, consistency and safety are top of mind throughout this process and in maintaining these high standards, we require a reasonable timeframe to get your purchase in your hands. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy and safety of the shipping address provided. We will not be held liable for incorrectly entered shipping information or packages left, stolen, or missing from an unreliable or unsafe shipping address.
  • How can I cancel an order?
    If you wish to cancel your order, please email us at within 24 hours of placing your order. We will make every effort to accommodate your request, but in some cases we will be unable to cancel orders, such as orders that have already shipped.
  • What if I do not like my limited collection fragrance?
    We do not generally accept returns of our limited collection fragrance oils. However, your feedback is important to us. Please e-mail your feedback to and we promise a timely response to your comments or inquiry.
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