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VOID And The Future OF Fragrance

VOID Interview: Kamran Khaliq

It's an exciting time to be at VOID Fragrances, and who better to discuss the rest of this year with, than founder and CEO, Kamran Khaliq.

So, Kamran, over to you….

You’ve a fantastic set-up but how long has the company been around, and why did you decide to launch?

VOID Fragrances officially launched in August of 2020. The first collection – The Illuminate Collection – was released in tandem with the brand launch.

The idea behind VOID Fragrances was conceived in 2019 with a planned launch for late 2020. Although a global pandemic put forth supply-chain challenges and other setbacks, it did not derail our plan to launch. Following the famous saying “Give the people what they want” – we did exactly that.

How have you managed during the pandemic?

As a strictly direct-to-consumer operation (no retail stores or locations), we have been largely unaffected by the pandemic – at least in comparison to other key creators in the industry. Earlier into the pandemic, we faced supply-chain related challenges which have otherwise been resolved.

We are proud to be a purveyor of fragrance oils and high-quality products that exceed the standards of our customers. Therefore, even without an ability to test our fragrances first, customers are inclined to still make the purchase. We have earned the trust of the fragrance community and our customers with stellar customer service, meticulously detailed product descriptions, free-shipping and hassle-free returns.

What can you tell us about your outstanding collection?

The Illuminate Collection was the first VOID Fragrances release. This features three distinct pure fragrance oils with particularly differing scent profiles. The three scents are Modus, Muse and Rad Heart. Although all are considered unisex fragrances, Modus is undoubtedly the most masculine of the fragrances – leading to it being considered our introductory roll-on fragrance for men.

The best seller is undoubtedly Rad Heart, which is a giftable, luxurious roll-on fragrance oil with essence of rose and vanilla. Not only is the scent rich, sweet and well-layered, it’s applied through a rose-quartz crystal rollerball. It’s of little surprise to me that this has performed so well amongst our customer base.

It’s also worth noting that the Illuminate collection is a one-time release. Once our perfume oils run dry, our production run ceases for the Illuminate Collection and we will be focused on crafting and releasing future collections.

Can you tell us more about the VOID distinction?

The VOID distinction is what truly separates us from the pack. Our meticulously-formulated and inspired fragrances are conceived under the notion that their effect will vary from user to user. However, the refined, sophisticated look and feel of a limited collection VOID Fragrance remains both consistent and distinct.

All of our current releases are applied through sleek, matte-black glass roll-on applicators. Our bottles are compact, travel-friendly and utterly sophisticated.

Our fragrance oils are produced in small-batches and are exclusive. Once we run out, it’s back to the scent lab to create and concoct future releases.

What are you expecting to see from the industry over the next 12- 18 months?

Over the next 12-18 months, I anticipate more perfumers will opt out of brick-and-mortar store locations and make a move to online retail. They will follow VOID in allowing for broad return terms for their items, and make efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. The days of testing fragrances in store prior to purchase may be limited.

More online retailers of fragrances and perfumes will focus on education surrounding their releases so that their customers make educated, well-thought out decisions prior to purchase. The more detail the retailer can provide regarding a scent, the more trust and faith a consumer has that it may be the scent for them. The ability to breeze through hundreds of reviews online aids the customer on this path.

Over the next 12-18 months, I also anticipate that we will see more creativity and ingenuity from brand leaders in the industry – catering to the ever-changing needs of society. Consumers are looking for an experience – not just from their purchase but also in the purchasing process. Bespoke, custom-tailored scents and an exciting purchasing experience that precedes the experience driven from the fragrance itself, is what consumers want.

Needless to say, we’re at the forefront here and we’re excited to announce our next collection in the coming weeks that follows this exact thought process.

Finally, what’s your overall vision for VOID?

The overall vision for VOID is to craft an approachable one-stop online retail experience for fragrances. An experience that new-comers to fragrances and fragrance aficionados can appreciate.

VOID Fragrances will continue to be released exclusively in roll-on form. We won’t say never to spray applicators – it just isn’t on the cards at the moment.

Our choice, selection and breadth of choice of fragrances will continue to expand over the coming weeks and months. They will all continue to be:

• Long-Lasting Fragrance Oils

• Cruelty Free Fragrance Oils

• Rich, High-Quality Fragrance Oils

• Giftable Fragrance Oils

If you'd like to get in touch with us, send an email to a member of our team today.

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