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At this time, VOID Fragrances exclusively operates and ships within the United States.


Orders are processed within 1-3 business days and shipments typically arrive within 3-10 business days from the date of shipment.

We kindly request that customers carefully review shipment details (including the accuracy and safety of shipping addresses and recipient details) to ensure timely and safe receipt of your limited collection fragrances. We will not be held liable for shipments routed to incorrect or unsafe locations that result in stolen or lost merchandise.

If you processed an order and wish to change delivery details - please reach out to us immediately at


VOID Fragrances carries a unique, risk-free return policy.

If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase - you have 14 days to process a return for a full refund.

We understand that not everyone enjoys the same scents! We pride ourselves in our meticulously crafted fragrance oils that have garnered great reviews and praise from those who have experienced them - yet we don't take it personally if the fragrance you selected doesn't soothe your appetite. We are adamant believers that consumers of fragrances deserve the right and privilege to experience scents prior to committing to them! Our return policy is in line with that belief.

Additionally, in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, we do not produce samples or 'testers' of our fragrances. Therefore, this policy falls in line with our sustainability pledge.


*The 14 day time frame begins on the listed USPS delivery time-stamp for your order.

**Recipient is responsible for return shipping and all associated return shipping costs/logistics.

***Recipient must process return by contacting within the 14 day period to begin the return process.

****The risk-free return policy applies only to stand-alone fragrance purchases and not entire collections (such as the 'Illuminate' Collection - which contains all 3 fragrances in the collection). Entire collections may be returned for a full-refund only if unopened and if within the 14 day window.



All orders placed may be cancelled within a 24-hour window from the time of purchase for a full refund. If you processed an order and wish to cancel your order - please reach out to us immediately at with your order details.

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