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The Gift of Scent

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Selecting a gift for someone is seldom an easy pursuit - whether it is a gift for someone close to you or someone you can't say you know very well. In either of those instances, a fragrance couldn't possibly make for a better gift.

Scent's are an experience - a well-developed and layered scent works to not only define pivotal moments in our lives but to shape the moments in the void of our future that have yet to occur. Therefore, gifting someone a fragrance shows that you have put thought into who the person receiving it is.

Scents are personal in the sense that each user derives a distinct experience from its application. Gifting a scent is a very personal gift - it's going that extra mile. Gifting a fragrance is a wonderful way to show you’re thinking about someone and that you've put thought into what might suit them.

Unlike a perfume, a fragrance oil unravels with the warmth of your body bringing on different emotions and changing with your moods so it is more than just one scent. The scent is you living, breathing and always changing. Our fragrance oils can be carried discreetly and can feel like a secret known only to you.

Make someone feel special and/or unique by gifting them one of our limited collection fragrances. 

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