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How Do You Apply Roll-On Fragrance Oils?

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

So, how do you apply roll-on fragrance oils?

Applying fragrance oils with the use of a roll-on is precise, simple, and discrete.

Compared to spray-on perfumes, roll-on applications cause the fragrance oil to flow out slower, but allows you to more effectively apply a certain amount of fragrance to specific pulse points, therefore preventing you from putting on too much unintentionally and having an overpowering sillage.

It also means that you also do not risk disturbing others nearby with noise or spray, as the fragrance oil is applied directly to the skin. Its portability, ease of use, and discreteness makes for a great on the go application device for fragrance oils.

To apply the fragrance oils via our roll-on bottles, simply remove the cap and gently massage the area of skin you wish to project the oil on to, with the roll-on applicator.

Due in large part to the slow flow of the oil, it's easy to gauge how much you will apply over time, and with how much skin you cover. After you finish applying the oil, you should place the cap back on the bottle and store it where you like.

Aside from how fragrance is directly applied via roller ball bottles, many rules for using fragrance oils are universal, though are still very useful to know when using a roll-on bottle.

You can use roller ball bottles to apply the oil fragrance to areas you would normally apply fragrance to, most commonly, your “pulse points,” i.e. your wrists, collarbone and neck, as they allow you to project the sillage of the fragrance most effectively. Your body naturally emits heat, so having these pulse points project the fragrance is most efficient.

You can still apply the fragrance to an article of clothing, so long as it is clean and can be washed, though it will not project in the same way as it would when applied to your skin, so it is not often recommended.

After application, you may feel the urge to rub the fragrance oil into your skin, though this is not recommended, as this can result in the fragrance getting rubbed away or dried out, which leads to the fragrance losing some of its scent and lasting power. It is best to let it sit on top of your skin, and let it mix with your natural oils naturally.

When to use roll-on fragrance oils

It is best to apply the perfume after taking a warm bath or shower, or when your body is warm, as your skin’s open pores will better absorb the fragrance oil. It also helps to use an unscented body wash, as to prevent it from clashing with the fragrance.

Dry but well moisturized skin is the best canvas for you to apply fragrance oils with. If the skin is not dried off, the fragrance will find it hard to latch on to your skin. Having well hydrated skin allows you to better absorb the fragrance and have it last well - so it is recommended you moisturize your skin effectively.

You can layer fragrances, though it's generally better to not layer two powerful fragrances with each other. If you plan on layering scents, and wish for it to be strong, but not overpowering, use one powerful scent atop a one note scent for the best results.

Remember, fragrance oils are used to enhance your image in fitting situations, not to overpower the senses of others. Personal space includes the air around people, and you must respect that.

If you'd like to talk to a member of our team about roll-on fragrance oils, get in touch with us today.

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